A-60G Single door

A-60 fire-rated single door that is also gas-tight.

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Product Classifications

  • Fire
  • Sound

Our internal A-60 single door is developed to meet the high requirements for fire safety on board ships and oil platforms. The door also withstands the tough and hard environments out at sea. Whether the door is in an engine room or is an emergency exit, it meets its requirements. Gas-tight. All A-doors are tested and rated in fire class A-0 to A-60 according to IMO 754(18) / FTP 2010 and have EC/MED and USCG certificates etc.

Technical Specifications

Bolted, Welded

Mounting frame

No, Yes (wall thickness = 50), Yes (Wall thickness = own measurement)


S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9

Glass cutout

400×400 square, 400×600 rectangle, No, Ø300 around

Lock case

Dorma 1216, TrioVing 5316

Surface finish

Optional RAL colour, RAL 9010, Stainless

Max certifierad dagöppning

1100 x 2100 (W x H)


60 min

Gas / Vädertålig

Ja / Nej


1,0 mm av antigen galvaniserat eller rostfritt stål, isolering med stenull. Dörrbladet har en tjocklek på 62 mm.


Z-karm av 4,0 mm stål


Tre stycken rostfria gångjärn av typen G (gas tight) som svetsas fast på karmen och skruvas fast i dörrbladet

Trycke & långsskylt

Assa Abloy, Schwepper, VingCard, Dorma, Roca




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