Sustainability all the way
A solid sustainability mindset is an important reason why we have established ourselves as a global leader in marine environment security doors. As part of the manufacturing industry, we have a great responsibility for sustainable development, and reducing our environmental impact is a priority. Of course we follow the laws and requirements that are in effect, but we also have a great driving force of our own to constantly move development forward. Our quality work affects all aspects within the company. From materials, manufacturing, packaging and transport, to how we run our facility and perhaps most importantly – how we create a good working environment for our personnel.

People & Facility
We build our business around Momec’s employees. They are our main resource, and their well-being is of the utmost importance. All employees should have a sustainable and health-promoting work environment that is characterized by good community spirit, and an inclusive and unpretentious culture. During our ongoing work to renovate our entire facility, we have, among other things, installed solar panels on the entire roof, replaced our energy installation, and replaced old lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Results together
By combining extensive experience with investments in modern manufacturing technology, we are constantly working to utilise our resources correctly. Both materials and energy must be used to the maximum. These are demands we place both on ourselves and on our suppliers. Together, we make the entire chain as efficient as possible. We believe in manufacturing products that last a long time and create reassurance while minimising waste and environmental impact. We can also create value both for our customers and for the environment by being happy to renovate existing doors when the need arises.

Proximity gives control
A thorough overview of the production chain allows us to guarantee high quality throughout. As the manufacturing of all doors takes place on site in Bottnaryd, it is easy to keep track of both work and time spent. A sustainability mindset is not only about consumption but also about planning. If the right product is ready at the right time, projects become more efficient. We are constantly working with new creative solutions for low-resource production and to help our customers.

Our main material, steel, is excellent for recycling. When the doors have done their job after a long life, they can be reused. For new doors – or something completely different. We work to create as little residual waste as possible. Any waste that still occurs must be source sorted and recycled as far as possible. It’s simply about making the most of the resources we have. Both to protect the environment and because it is market wise.

Custom-built packaging
We custom-build all packaging to optimize fit and thereby reduce material consumption and waste. The timber  that is used has undergone an approved heat treatment to avoid it containing harmful organisms that can spread between countries and threaten trees and forests. For trade within the EU, wood in packaging is required to have undergone an approved treatment in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard, as well as that the company that treated it has permission to apply the ISPM 15 label. This can be seen through the HT code in the stamp.