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We manufacture security doors in Swedish steel. What we really deliver thought is the security you get to experience when you close the door behind you. Whether you are on your way in or out, on a ship or at home.


Momec develops and manufactures secure, certified steel doors that protect both property and people. Our doors are tested against burglary, fire and sound, and are certified by international classification societies and authorities. Our customers include shipyards, shipping companies and offshore companies worldwide as well as Nordic construction companies. In close cooperation with them, we continuously develop our doors and have become known for our unique special solutions. We are located in Bottnaryd, just outside Jönköping where all production takes place. We have been part of the Weland Group since 2021.


Our idea is simply based on the fact that the reassuring feeling of security is the same. No matter who or where you are. However, the requirements and criteria may vary. When Momec started up more than 60 years ago, the level was set based on the safety criteria that were necessary out at sea – in storms, precipitations and under the influence of salt. Even today, when Momec makes doors that have solid ground under their frames, we have the same starting point for everything we deliver. Our customers know that when our doors can withstand the requirements of a harsh marine environment, they can cope with almost anything they might be exposed to, even on land. 

Vision to reality


The concept of sustainability is in a way relatively new and sometimes a little intangible, as it is portrayed today. But sustainability can also very much be defined as common sense. It is ultimately a question of conserving both your own resources and those of the outside world. At Momec, we bring with us a strong sustainability mindset from our 60 years in the industry,  but we also constantly strive to adapt and improve our production to impact nature as little as possible. When it comes to quality assurance, we have the privilege of operating in an industry where all products are tested and certified for their task. Momec is certified according to ISO 9001 quality standard. All products that require so are fire-tested and certified to current standards.

Our sustainability work


Momec’s journey from Bottnaryd out to the seas of the world started in the late 1950s. Sture Lantz, an engineer, had founded some years earlier Mo Mekaniska, a small engineering company, which produced everything from fittings to cabin doors and airplane stairs. However, it was not long before he came to the conclusion that the company’s future lay in the production of quality products for shipbuilding. With Småland’s ingeniousness, he also saw the opportunity to enhance his business idea even more, by customizing the products entirely to each customer’s specifications and requirements. Robust steel doors soon became the product that accounted for most of the turnover. Momec’s journey towards becoming a well-known brand and concept for A and B-rated doors in the global shipbuilding industry had started.

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Momec has been part of the Weland Group since 2021. Weland AB is a stable family business with production and headquarters in Smålandsstenar. The press-welded cover grating, which forms the backbone of Weland’s operations, has been produced here since the 1950s. The majority of the group’s companies work with steel – a material that lasts for generations and which can also be recycled again and again. Most of them offer completely unique products from their own production. A characteristic feature of all of them is that they produce and sell Swedish-made products.

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