The DNA of steel
Weland AB is a family-owned group based in Smålandsstenar. The group today consists of around 30 companies, active in a variety of industries and areas. What they all have in common, however, is production in Sweden. The majority of the companies work with steel – a material that lasts for generations and which can also be recycled again and again. Most of them offer completely unique products from their own production to meet market needs and wishes. Most of the group’s customers are in Europe, but some of them have global workplaces and markets. 

High quality, efficient production and durable products
Over the years, Weland’s inventiveness has paved the way for many branches of the business. We have dared to choose our own paths and developed in step with the times. All investments are geared for our being at the forefront and anticipating the next step on the road. It is by being proactive that the foundation for future sustainable, long-term and safe production is built.. The Weland Group is characterized by the special culture that the legacy of a small family business brought with it.  We are keen to maintain the family feeling and to cherish the local aspects of the places where we operate.

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