Below you will find some of the most frequent questions we receive. We are continuously adding to them as more appear…

Why should I buy a Momec door?

The first reason is that you can be sure that you are getting a really good product – a secure, high-quality steel door with a long service life. The second is that it is easy to work with us. We have short delivery times, a high level of service, great commitment and flexible production. All manufacturing takes place in Sweden and we therefore have full control over the entire production process.

Can I get technical support with my purchase from you?

Yes of course. Contact our sales and designer teams, who will be happy to help and create a complete specification.

How much does a fire or safety door cost?

Since the price of a door or hatch depends on several factors such as type, size, finish and accessories, we need to draw up a quotation for each individual project. Contact one of our salespeople or email us at:

How do you order a door?

When a customer contacts us, we prepare a quotation with price, delivery terms and delivery time. In order for us to be able to provide an accurate quotation, we need the following as a basis: door type / number / classification requirements / other desired specifications and options (see product pages). When the order is placed, we produce a product drawing that the customer can review and approve in liaison with us. Production is then started and delivery takes place as agreed.

How long is the delivery time?

As we custom manufacture each door according to the customer’s wishes, the delivery time varies depending on the door type and customer requirements. Normal delivery is between 6-8 weeks but we can arrange faster express delivery if needed.

What additional services can you offer?

Sales of spare parts for maintenance and accessories. Design/construction of special solutions.

What kind of warranties do you have on your doors?

You will find which warranties apply under the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery. Normally, Momec’s warranties are 5 years in accordance with ABM 07.

Do you have doors in stock?

No, we don’t normally.

Can you get a Momec door in different finishes and colours?

The doors normally have a powder-coated finish. The standard colour is RAL 9010 (off-white), but you can get them in a large number of colours at an additional cost. Some doors can also be delivered in laminated sheet metal or stainless steel.