As a product category, Marine Doors encompass a wide range of individual door types. From robust, durable steel doors built to withstand the toughest environments to elegantly designed fireproof cabin doors. For each category, stringent requirements are met.


Momec has been manufacturing secure steel doors for the marine and offshore sectors for more than 60 years. That’s what gives us the confidence to say that we are specialists when it comes to finding smart, sustainable solutions. We offer a wide range of standard A- and B-class doors, but it’s our ability to offer smart customizations that has made us world-renowned. We work according to ISO9001:2015 quality management system. All our doors are tested and fire-rated according to the SOLAS international standard and IMO 754(18)/FTP 2010. All manufacturing takes place in Bottnaryd, Sweden.


Marine doors are, as the name suggests, quite simply, doors that are installed in a marine environment. This could be on a transport vessel, a ferry, a yacht, an oil platform or other offshore installation. Whatever the case, this type of environment presents extraordinary demands. It is, put simply, a challenging environment to work in. This is something we like, as it is precisely here that we can really help make a difference and even ultimately save lives. Our driving force at Momec is to work closely with our partners to build steel doors that make everyday life a little safer for people who work in exposed marine environments. We manufacture all types of marine doors. From fire-resistant B-15 doors in cabins to weatherproof A-60 doors for the offshore market. Our steel doors meet the most stringent requirements in terms of fire safety, weather- and gas density as well as soundproofing. Maritime authorities around the world have developed strict guidelines in this area – we have been approved by authorities and classification societies from all over the world. Safety is always top priority, but we also place great emphasis on creating doors that complement their respective environments. Design of shape, colour and accessories is an important aspect of the expertise of our in-house design department. We can customize a door in virtually any way a customer wants. If requested, we also try to provide spare parts to the greatest extent possible. We work according to ISO9001:2015 quality management system. All Momec’s marine doors are designed and manufactured in the town of Bottnaryd, located in the province of Småland in Sweden.


Based on extensive experience in an industry in which we have been operating for more than sixty years, we can contribute experience, knowledge, commitment and customisations that provide optimal protection in each individual project.  We have our own development department with specialized expertise in construction and quality as well as design and formation. We always work in close cooperation with our customers.


A weatherproof marine door must be able to withstand the harsh and highly variable weather conditions that can prevail on the deck of a ship or offshore installation, or other outdoor venues. The effects of water, wind and salt challenge both materials and construction and impose significant demands on durability and functionality. Doors must also be designed so as to allow for proper installation, handling and maintenance. Momec offers weatherproof doors in class A-60.


At sea, on a ship or offshore platform, it is critically important to ensure wherever possible that all structures and materials are optimized to prevent the spread of fire or smoke on board. These environments naturally present inherent obstacles to rapid and effective evacuation. Marine fire doors are rated according to fire resistance into classes A, B, C and H. Momec manufactures doors in classes A, B and C. Our fire-resistant doors meet the most stringent fire protection requirements of the international SOLAS (Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) and IMO 2010 FTP CODE. They also meet the requirements of the NORSOK standard. A fire-resistant door must not only function as a solid steel door, but also meet the task of resisting and preventing the spread of fire and smoke, either completely or for as long as possible. Time is critical to ensure any necessary evacuation. The core materials, steel and insulation used in our doors are non-combustible. We powder-coat our doors with paint approved for marine use. The surface finish of the doors thus ensures low smoke generation and little risk of flames spreading.


The requirements for acoustic comfort on board both passenger and transport ships are increasing as awareness of human well-being is gaining priority in the necessary sustainability efforts of companies. Momec soundproof steel doors are designed to create good working environments with sound levels that are comfortable for everyone inside. Our doors have now been tested and achieved airborne sound reduction levels between 28 dB and 44 dB.

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