Vision & Idea

Our driving force is to, together with our partners, build steel doors that make the world more secure.We will contribute with experience, knowledge, commitment and special customizations that offer optimal protection in each individual project.

An idea built on a feeling
It’s all about the feeling of security when you close the door behind you. Regardless of whether you are on your way in or out. Momecs has a long tradition of building secure steel doors for use in marine environments, such as on oil platforms, cargo ships, cruise ships, etc. It’s in our blood. Do you have to think differently when building doors for industries, public environments and residential housing on land? The answer is basically no. However, requirements, classifications and design needs are obviously different. But the job the doors have to do is the same. When closed, they should protect what’s inside – and that means both people and valuable property.

Innovation & Construction
Momec has its own development department and can thus include the specific properties needed to optimize your particular security concerns. We have well-developed processes with the knowledge, the will and the tools to be able to work efficiently. We work in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers in order to ensure the best working practices already at the planning stage. By listening and being solution-oriented, we are driven to find smart solutions. We see opportunities instead of problems, and adore challenges.