Security and quality are concepts that often leave room for interpretation. Fortunately, in our world of security doors, that is not the case. Each security aspect has clearly defined criteria for the doors to meet the requirements of their respective environments. Read more about classifications and certificates below.


We see it as a privilege to operate in an industry where all products are tested and certified for their task. This means that all Momec doors are certified according to legal and regulatory requirements, both in Sweden and internationally. We are also keen to help ensure that you can maintain your door in the best possible way for it to perform its function for a long time. In short, this means that you can always feel reassured when choosing a Swedish-made steel door from Momec.


A door that will protect against many of the toughest stresses must withstand a lot. To create optimal conditions for the door to perform its function and also to look good, regular servicing and maintenance are required. Just a little simple, ongoing care by you can significantly extend the service life of a door. We have put together a simple checklist for how to service the various door components.



Most of our doors require approval and certification from different types of international classification societies. Momec has certified products from several major players such as DNV, Beureau Veritas and Rise. The certificates guarantee performance according to the specific requirements of the current installation. In addition to the regulatory requirements imposed on us as a manufacturer, we continuously work to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and function. Momec, as a company, is certified according to quality standard ISO 9001.

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