Fan room hatch, Large

Fan room hatch that is adapted to sit in larger types of fan and ventilation rooms

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Our large fan room hatch is developed for the landside. By having seals on both the door leaf and the frame, sound is shut out from the fan room. The hatch is also equipped with two emergency handles on the inside. The hatch is available with a 200×200 mm window as an option.

Technical Specifications

Z-frame bolted

Mounting frame

Yes (Wall thickness = own measurement)

Glass cutout

200×200 square, No

Surface finish

Optional RAL colour, RAL 9010

Max cleraopening

1200 x 2300 (W x H)


1,0 mm magnelisplåt som isoleras med stenull och har en tjocklek på 50 mm


3,0 mm kallvalslad plåt


2 rostfria gångjärn med smörjnippel


Två rostfria vred på utsidan, två nödhandtag på insidan


Omega silikonlist på dörrblad samt karm