A doors

Momec’s fire doors in class A are designed for a rougher environment and functions onboard ships and platforms. They are delivered with certificates in classes A0, A15 and A60 equipped for each need and demand.

The door leaf is galvanized, primed for later coating, powder coated, pvc-foiled, laminated or stainless steel. The frame is produced as a Z-profile in high quality Swedish steel and primed. It can, as an option, be delivered powder coated or in stainless steel. The stainless steel hinges are welded to the frame and bolted to the door leaf. The core material is mineral wool with high density that is glued to the door leaf steel sheets.

A variety of door furnitures and accessories, panic bars, kick plates, door closers, hose ports, special looks, scuttles/windows and gaskets are available.

All A-doors are tested and certified in fire class A-0 to A-60 according to IMO res. 754(18) and have EC/MED and USCG certificate among others.

Momec A-class doors:

Momec A-0 marine door MV4298N

A-0, A-15
Single leaf door
Door type: 4298


Momec A-60 marine door MV4360WT

Single leaf door
Door type: 4360
Options: Gas- / Weathertight


Momec A-60 marine door MV4361N

Double door
Door type: 4361


Momec marine door MVS_A60

Sliding door
Door type: MVS A-60

MVS A-60.pdf
Sill Types MVS A-60.pdf

A-0 / A-60
Frame- & Sill Types


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