New doors open

Momec’s history has been shaped far out on the open seas. We will definitely remain there, on board ships, ferries, oil platforms and other offshore units. At the same time, we are now taking a major step onto land, with a long-term investment in security doors for properties and apartments. We currently have a limited range, but we see this as a business area with great potential. For a couple of years now, we have been part of the Weland group and will thereby have additional tailwind, with resources to grow and develop within both of our businesses.


We spent a few exciting days at Nordbygg, where for the first time we showcased our business, together with our colleagues in the Weland Group. Thanks to all customers, colleagues and other interested parties who popped in and talked doors. Weland was also named “Public Magnet of the Year” by Byggfakta, which we are proud and happy about.



It’s great that your keeping track of job opportunities at Momec. Here in Bottnaryd, we renovate, build, develop and grow at a cracking pace. Therefore, we need employees with initiative and drive, who want to be involved and take on the challenges of the future. Our doors are always open to those who are open. Not only for roles that you know you have the skills set for, but also for those of you who are ready to learn something new. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Available positions