About Momec

Momec was established in 1952 as a versetile mechanical workshop with high quality products for the domestic shipbuilding industry. Steel doors, davits, winches, hatches, cleats, scuppers etc were made according to each customer’s specifications and requirements.

It wasn’t long before Momec expanded its market to include shipyards worldwide. Already from the beginning marine steel doors were an important part of Momec production. Momec soon became a well known brand and a reliable supplier of certified A and B class doors for the global shipbuilding industry. Later, the offshore segment and security/safety doors for facilities has also become a significant part of Momecs turnover.

Today Momec manufactures and delivers steel doors to international standards and designed to customer specifications and requirements. This unique service is based on many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of delivered doors.

Customers today are shipping companies, shipyards, platform builders, oil companies and Nordic based construction companies.

Momec stands for quality, service, development and flexibility.

company facts

No of employees: 20 persons
Established: 1952
Products: Steel doors for the marine sector worldwide and for Nordic based construction companies